održavanje higijene u objektimaThis service includes the maintenance of hygiene in the facility through regular and general cleaning and washing, which can be manual and mechanical, as well as the delivery of products for wet areas. Hygiene service can be provided outside the building as well, through a periodic washing of façade surfaces of all types, cleaning of the circle around the building, removal and disposal of snow. IPM is a good choice because our hygienists are trained to maintain hygiene, in a systematic and meticulous way, in and out of the facility of our clients, using the equipment and chemical agents of renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers. We are fully trained to provide necessary equipment, consumables and other supplies needed for your facility. Our employees are uniformed, possess ID cards and are recognizable. Mindful of our appearance we take care of Your standards. To achieve the best effects of hygiene, we use professional machines, of the company TASKI (machines for cleaning and washing of soft and hard surfaces) and FIORENTINI (kombi mats for washing hard surfaces), as well as the best home chemistry from the program SUTTER PROFESSIONAL which includes detergents and degreasers, disinfectants, agents for extracting cleaning of soft surfaces and foam wash. We use lawn mowers and trimmers VILLAGER in order to achieve the best quality in the maintenance of green areas.