ordzavanje zelenih povrsinaThis service includes complete care of greenery in and out of a client’s facility through regular and seasonal mowing and removal of mowed grass, taking care of plants through preventive and regular fertilizing, cultivating, harvesting, pruning and watering. IPM is a good choice because it takes care of the greenery of a client in a professional and systematic manner, satisfying the high level of set standards.

The following is a list of specific activity we carry out:

  • Manual mowing
  • Collection of leaves
  • Loading and removal of mowed grass
  • Raking leaves and inorganic waste with loading and removal
  • Fertilizing with fertilizers
  • Hoeing and weeding around the seedlings
  • Pruning of shoots and laterals around the seedlings
  • Replacement of the contaminated surface layer of soil around the seedling
  • The aesthetic design of the crown of trees
  • Maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Design, execution and maintenance of green areas