Our company is profiled as a ‘one stop shop’ for real estate owners who want to be assured that their property will be maintained to the highest professional standards and in full compliance with applicable legislation, which will allow them the optimization and predictability of costs as well as focus on their core activity.

Regular, preventive and incident maintenance of all subsystems that are essential for functioning of an object.

These activities can be performed inside the object through regular and wide scale cleanining and delivery of products as well as outside of the building.

Complete care of greenery in and out of a client’s facility through regular and seasonal mowing and grass removal, plant care through preventive and regular fertilizing, cultivating, harvesting, pruning and watering.

Daily  capillary distribution of goods all over Serbia as a platform for fast responsivnes and lower operational expenses of technical maintenance and problem solution on remote points.

Disinfection, pest and rodent control, video surveillance service, reception, maintenance of lighting, administration of certain contractual relationships of our clients with third parties etc.