International Property Management specializes in the management of all the services necessary for the proper functioning of the commercial, industrial or residential facility. In an optimal way we coordinate the executors of various fields, whereby we ensure the fulfillment of legal regulations, the full functionality of all subsystems in the facility, with the aim of raising quality lowering the costs for our clients. The company was founded in 2008 and since then it has been growing. In terms of organization, in terms of turnover, in terms of references. Satisfied references.

Staff with experience, commitment and responsibility contributes to client satisfaction.

Experience and responsibility are the best recommendation for us. Decades of experience of management in the maintenance of property, the energy of each employee, understanding the needs of the facility owner, his core activity and what is important for him, responsiveness to all situations, systematicity in work, the ISO standard as a guarantee of quality and clear organization of work regulated by procedures are only some of the prerequisites that we have met, that guarantee that Your facility is in the hands of professionals, of which Your core business can only profit, while Your property keeps its value.

Why do we think we are a good solution for You:

  • The level and type of services in the field of technical, physical and sanitary maintenance that you need, you choose on your own. We advise you (quality, price, required by law) and instead of you efficiently manage them

  • For you we will scan the market and present you the best price and quality ratio for all types of services and materials

  • Instead of you we take care about laws and regulations and fulfill all required conditions

  • You no longer take care of the functioning of facilities (we manage, organize various subcontractors and suppliers, optimize stocks of consumable materials, use our economy of scale to procure the best, provide control over the quality, take care and are responsible for regular and emergency services, draw up reports, organize shift work, on-call time)

Our principle is more efficient because it intersects the experiences with various types of facilities, more favorable because we apply our economy of scale, eliminating empty runs that you would have in the case of in-house solution, but also more professional because we are focused only on this, while your core business is something else.