profesionalni upravnikProfessional Management of residential business in Serbia is, among other things, a process of raising awareness about the importance of taking care of the buildings we live in. The new Law on Housing and Maintenance of Apartment Buildings (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 104/2016) defines the rights and obligations of tenants and the Professional Manager of the building. By maintaining a building in accordance with this Law, you increase the value of your apartments.

We suggest that, with our team of Professional Managers, you organize your building in accordance with the Law on Building Maintenance and avoid all regulated penalties in the case of non-performance of these obligations.

  • Registration of the Building Community (if the Building Community is registered, the documentation is supplemented) and obtaining the registration number of the Building Community

    Posting the Decision on Registration of the Building Community in a prominent place in a residential building; All costs of registration are paid by a Professional Manager / Organizer of Professional Management.

  • Making a seal of the Building Community


  • Applying and obtaining a tax identification number

  • Applying for registration of the Ownership Rules

    If the Tenants Assembly compiles stated rules.

  • Opening an account in a commercial bank

    Based on the Decision of the Building Community Assembly on the management of the assets of the building community, the disposal of funds from the account of the building community, in accordance with the regulations which govern the opening, running and closing of accounts.

  • Call Center for all reports and failures from 00:00 to 24:00 h

    We offer you a call center service, where all the residents of the building are able to report malfunctions, make complaints and suggestions, but also receive information in the field of maintenance and management.

  • Emergency interventions

    Communication with Public Utility Companies in the case of major malfunctions or failures.
    Organization of emergency intervention works; based on the received report, informing the competent authorities about the problem and requesting the appropriate measures to be taken by the competent authority.

  • Professional support in all areas of maintenance and management

    Organization and implementation of current investment and emergency services.
    Investment works are organized and implemented according to the decision of the Assembly, with the submission of complete project documentation or organization of design services procurement, obtaining necessary permits and approvals.
    Leading a professional team engaged in maintenance work, quality control of performed works.

  • Representing the Building Community interests with the competent authorities

    Such a service involves representing the BC for all the necessary solutions and answers that are fully relevant to the BC, or were decided by the BC.

  • Monitoring the amendments to the Law on Housing and Building Maintenance

    Tis activity is necessary so that Professional Manager can respond in a timely manner and coordinate the obligations of the BC with the law to avoid a reproach or penalty.

  • Monitoring the work of the Assembly of the Building Community and giving suggestions

    Communication with representatives of the Tenants Assembly.
    Presence in the meetings of the Tenants Assembly, organization of meetings and keeping of records.
    Preparation, distribution and promotion of public announcements and decisions of the Assembly on building bulletin boards.

  • Keeping records of specific parts of the building

    List of special common and independent areas and their marking, establishing and keeping records of the owners of special areas, and persons to whom common or special areas are leased out.

  • Making and interpreting maintenance reports

    Submitting a maintenance program to the Assembly of the Building Community and taking care of its realization.

  • Making and interpreting reports and records

    Keeping records of the income and expenses of the housing community, of all inflows and outgoings in accordance with the activities carried out in the facility.
    Preparing budget and arranging it by items.
    Create a final account and submit a tax return of the building community in case it earns income from renting common areas.

  • Issuance and distribution of payslips to owners of the apartments by using the appropriate facility management software

    Where your only concern is your account.

  • Monitoring payments and debts, using the appropriate facility management software

    Payments tracking, calculation of unsettled accounts, sending reminders.
    Mandatory collection of housing claims.

  • Creating an Investment Maintenance Plan and making an invitation for submition of the most favorable bid

    Specification of the required material, required services and descriptions of works, forwarding requested tender to adequate companies in the domain of necessary activity, and analysis of several bids for procurement of materials, execution of works, emergency repairs etc. Control of work procedure till signing project handover document

  • Professional help of a professional team, proposition of an energy savings measure and increasing the quality of life conditions

    Giving propositions and suggestions to reduce energy consumption and thereby to reduce your costs. Our experienced team has licenses to perform energy efficiency jobs and has years of experience.

  • Taking care of the house rules

    Putting the house rules document in a visible place in the building and making sure that the tenants are following them.